Inspection & NDT

Quality assurance and non-destructive testing

Our value stems from our commitment to quality in all aspects of our operations. While adhering to AS9100 quality standards, our team works as one to provide our customers with continuous improvements within all our product lines.

This commitment is part of our culture at Dynamic across all of our divisions. Building in and managing quality by design to support the many requirements of our customers and those of our own processes and engineered procedures ensures superior customer service, reduction in turn-times and provides the foundation for trust our customers have come to rely on.

Quality starts with each of our employees and their commitment to our customers. Our quality labs are tooled with advanced CMM measuring machines and we have the latest technology in scanning CMMs at our Dayton, Ohio division.

We do fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) non-destructive testing and our technique carries both GE and Roll-Royce certifications.

If it’s metal, we do it. Let’s talk.