Up to 1,200 tons of stamping ability

From small, dime-sized fasteners to 6 millimeter thick stampings with thick-walled extrusions, we are an experienced supplier of a wide range of safety-critical parts. Our expansive collection of 25 well-maintained, top-of-the-line presses, featuring Muller-Weingarten and Minster, range from 35 tons up to 1200 tons, and can accommodate dies up to 18 feet long.

With a coil-feed press capacity up to 110 tons (99.8 MT) and additional presses for blanking and secondary operations, we can handle virtually any stamping requirement. We also have a 200-ton (181.4 MT) hydraulic press for larger forming jobs. We even offer Sükosim– a proprietary process that combines deep-draw stamping with cold forming to produce complex, fully-integrated, durable components.

If it’s metal, we do it. Let’s talk.