Supplying 50 million parts annually

Since 1955, Dynamic has delivered key metal components to the automotive industry. Though we're well known for our world-class manufacturing of fuel and fluid handling system components, our capabilities include a vast array of complex and tightly-toleranced parts.

In fact, we supply more than 50 million parts annually from our Dexter Stamping facility to more than 30 different global locations as a Tier II and III manufacturer. To learn more about our automotive capabilities, we invite you to visit our Dexter Stamping website:

Dexter Stamping >


  • Fuel handling components
  • Automotive lighting
  • Braking components
  • Air bag systems
  • Heavy duty chassis and suspension brackets
  • Small, precision stampings


  • Metal Stamping: progressive, Sükosim, line die and burnishing
  • Assembly: projection and MIG welding, spin riveting
  • Secondary Operations: tapping, heat treating and metal coating

If it’s metal, we do it. Let’s talk.