Laser Cutting for GE

Dynamic Metals LLC is now approved to perform laser cutting for GE. We have obtained NADCAP and certification for EE02 cutting. RollsRoyce approval is in process. In December we purchased a new 1500/15000 Watt Laserdyne® 795 XL fiber laser system. Featuring multi-axis laser drilling and contouring capabilities with axes travel of 80 x 40 x x40 inch. C (rotary) axis travel is 900 degrees and the D (tilt) travel is 300 degrees. With this new capability we can offer more competitive pricing and shorter manufacturing lead times. This additional significant process will augment our ability to completely control the manufacturing in house for shrouds, stiffeners, seals, and manifold rails which has become a niche for Dynamic. In addition to this development, Dynamic has invested in a Flow Systems®, air flow bench. We expect to have this equipment OEM certified by the end of this year. These recent investments will allow Dynamic to provide the market completed assemblies with maintaining control over deliveries, cost, and quality. Please contact me should we be able to assist you in your laser applications. Glenn Pulianas gpulianas@dynamicmetalsllc.com 574-286-9283

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